Common Sense Prevails in the High Court Today….Lloyd Family Update

Today, September 22nd was the pre-appointed day of reckoning for the Lloyd Family from Kells County Meath in the High Court in Dublin who experienced the particularly hellish eviction from their family home several weeks ago ( http://awaken-longford.com/2015/08/28/harsh-reality-of-eviction-in-ireland-2015/ ).

Three weeks ago today, Justice Tony Hunt allowed the Lloyd’s one final attempt at completing a deal which was previously on the table with their lender Stepstone Mortgages, this latitude was to extend to the Lloyd’s until today.

Immediately following that hearing I initiated an appeal to various representative bodies and the general public at large, this Appeal has not been successful, in the main because I simply could not garner the support of the media and the various representative bodies to assist by raising awareness.

But as with everything matters take their own course, following discussions with the Right2Homes campaign ( http://www.right2homes.com ) and as part of ongoing discussions to launch a far-reaching and comprehensive initiative to assist struggling Family Home Borrowers, we have now joined efforts to effect the changes required in the distressed family home sector.

Awaken Longford Blog and Right2Homes have now agreed in tandem to underwrite and undertake to step in and ensure that the funding required to secure the Lloyd Family Home is forthcoming.

A proposal was put to the legal representatives of Stepstone Mortgages outside the High Court after a direction from Justice Hunt, following disclosure that A.C Forde Solicitors refused to meet the Lloyd’s early this morning before Court to discuss our proposal.

Before adjourning matters until 12:55 pm, Justice Hunt, addressing Stepstone’s Barrister said “the Lloyd’s want to talk to you, so go and talk to them”, it was then we had the opportunity to put forward the proposal arrived at between Right2Homes and myself, they undertook to seek instruction from their client Stepstone but were unable to make contact so, a second adjournment until 2pm was granted by Judge Hunt. Just before 2pm a counter offer was made and following discussions, we were in a position to inform the Judge that a compromise had been reached. It was not surprising that the Judge was a little taken aback given the advanced stage matters are at, but he welcomed the news warmly and adjourned matters indefinitely with liberty for either party to re-enter at 24 hrs notice.

There was no discussion regarding non-disclosure of the terms and as funds have been raised from you the public, it goes without saying you are entitled to be kept informed.

So the terms of the arrangements are:

  1. The monetary amount required to secure the Lloyd Family Home is reduced to €68,500 instead of the previously stated amount of €77,000.
  2. The term by which the arrangement must be concluded is Feb 1st 2016

This is a very good result considering the position prior to today, however, although Right2Homes has made a commitment in this regard, the preferred source of these funds is still the Appeal on the basis that the funds raised will serve a secondary purpose as a source of support for The Peter McVerry Trust going forward. ( http://www.pmvtrust.ie )

Continued fund-raising through the GoFundMe site will reduce the required input from Right2Homes and allow that campaign to concentrate on their primary task – the constitutional challenge to the Land & Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2013.

So please continue to support and raise awareness of the Appeal here: http://www.gofundme.com/Lloydhome it is our stated intention now, to have the Lloyd Family back in their home well in time for Christmas.

To the various representative bodies I referred to earlier I will again respectfully request that you raise awareness of this appeal with the members of your organisations and allow them to individually, make up their own minds with regard to supporting this Appeal.

To the various media outlets previously contacted, this is a good news story which warrants coverage, I shall be contacting you over the next few days and look forward to your support by raising awareness through your various platforms of access to the public.


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