An open letter to all Local Authorities in Ireland

25th February 2016
Subject: Homelessness and addressing Families housed in emergency accommodation.

A Chara,
Right2Homes is a not-for-profit organisation (Charity status pending) which endeavours to support and assist families who find themselves for various reasons either faced with imminent loss of the family home or having already lost their family home.
Most of these families are forced into the private rental accommodation sector and more are housed in emergency accommodation in B&B’s and Hotel’s.
Right2Homes recognises the challenges faced by this recent government and the new government following the impending general election, in the area of Social Housing provision, we also feel strongly that not enough has been done over the recent years, during the much heralded recovery, to address these issues.
With this in mind, and faced with increasing numbers of families either homeless or in temporary, emergency accommodation, in unsuitable circumstances, Right2Homes has brought together all the required elements,
•    Funding,
•    Project Management  

•    Suppliers/Contractorsto offer a complete turnkey, temporary solution to Local Authorities to provide short term Modular Homes, over a period of five years to families in desperate need of a stable, medium term, safe environment in which to raise their families, and all on a not-for-profit basis.
Right2Homes accepts that the time required for Social Housing projects to complete is extensive, our initiative is designed to bridge that timespan for periods up to five years, enough time for a child to maybe complete his/her primary education in one location, or enough time for parents to re-join the workforce with security of tenure in the area they seek employment in, but above all we wish to see families live in a secure, medium term, family home and not emergency accommodation until a proper, long term, sustainable solution is provided by you, the local authorities.
Right2Homes is seeking expressions of interest from all local authorities in order to ensure the allocation of suitable lands, on a temporary 5-year-lease basis, to fast-track necessary Planning Applications or derogations, in the wake of an improved economic landscape, and to enter discussions on the basis of attending to the various needs in different geographic areas.
Please do not allow this opportunity pass you by.
Yours Sincerely
email: info@right2homes.com
Telephone: (01) 429 3110


Cappagh House,
County Meath,

Tel:046 9541779