Another key R2H/FF 'working group' meeting

Another key R2H/FF 'working group' meeting is taking place this Weds in Leinster House, working towards the drafting of 'The Fair Housing Market & Family Home Retention Bill 2017'. Mainstream media have been briefed and hopefully we will soon have some more encouraging news for the many tens of thousands of distressed homeowners across the country to add to David Hall's recent achievements with the establishment of his not-for-profit 'I Care Housing'.
All measures aimed at contributing to a long-overdue Social, Moral & Economic resolution of the crisis affecting the Homelessness issue, the Negative Equity nightmare and the failures to provide adequate Social Housing.
The only so-called 'moral hazard' these days is the abject failure to grapple with this enormous issue while EIB/ECB funding remains available to help address the overall task 'off-balance-sheet' and contribute towards getting the whole country back on it's feet.
More news to follow in the coming weeks . . .


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