Raise the tide, don’t sink the boats – Robert Hockett

Raise the tide, don’t sink the boats Ireland’s foreclosure crisis is a crisis of justice and a crisis of efficiency – not to say a crisis of mercy.   Ireland’s is a crisis of justice because most people are faced with foreclosure through no fault of their own. The exorbitant prices of their homes, and hence […]

Vulture Funds have green light to ‘solve’ the mortgage crisis – Brian Reilly

MORTGAGE RESCUE – NO COST TO THE TAXPAYER WHETHER you are a “performing” borrower or a “non-performing” borrower and in arrears, the sale of your loan and mortgage to a Vulture Fund represents an alarming development. Even though it is stated Government policy to “keep families in their home”s the self-same Government’s actions are of […]

All-Ireland cooperation is needed to fight housing crisis, Erskine Holmes

  “It is essential to create the building blocks of reconstructing our stressed housing economy on a North-South basis. The Ed Honohan Bill, when it becomes law will create a bonus no one has noticed. There is no Mortgage Rescue Scheme in Northern Ireland and the one-way traffic of the reliance in the South on […]

The Cost of Doing Nothing, Mel Reynolds

  THE COST OF DOING NOTHING by Mel Reynolds Arrears Resolution Implications Increasing property values suggest that many owners will emerge out of negative equity and may be more likely to enter into consensual arrangements. Some owners will pay a lump sum or re- finance and retain ownership. Others may end up with no overhanging […]