Right2Homes was originally set up to provide a funding platform for the numerous individuals, groups and organisations already committed to supporting legal initiatives aimed at preventing bank repossessions of Irish family homes.

This included the launch of a constitutional challenge to the hastily enacted Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act of 2013.

Numerous groups, organisations and individuals saw this as little more than an “eviction bill”.

That point was passionately articulated by Senator David Norris before the Seanad when he introduced an early version of what is now known as The Affordable Housing and Fair Mortgage Act. 

We continue to believe this is a priority.

However, having been denied charitable status (following a three year delay in the decision) R2H is unable to raise the necessary funds. Such a challenge requires representation which will likely run €50-100K. Ireland does not permit third party funding or class actions, effectively denying us access to the courts.