Above is today’s Irish Times headline which references a gathering of self-proclaimed actionists from the four corners of Ireland.

Filmed outside the High Court on February 4th 2019 when a letter was delivered to the Irish High Courts seeking the reversal of the obscene decision to remove debt-related cases from the Master of the High Court, Edmund Honohan, and to remind the court of its obligations to uphold the Irish Constitutional Civil Rights and other Human Rights Law.


A transcript of Terry McMahon’s speech can be found here.

“With a tsunami of homelessness in the pipeline, and no Governmental solutions put forward, the removal of Edmund Honohan from debt cases, is a travesty of justice.”

Right2Homes co-founder Brian O’Reilly’s introduction:

A Chairde,

We are here at Ireland’s High Court today, to deliver a Letter to our sitting Court President; Judge Peter Kelly.

A copy of this letter will be made available to media outlets, and also posted across social media by countless followers.

Today, the 4th of February 2019, is a dark day for our Irish Justice system. Choosing this day, and giving no notice, or valid explanation, the Court removed debt-related cases, from the scrutiny and capable hands of Edmund Honohan; High Court Master.

We believe this arbitrary move was made in order to circumvent “distressed-mortgage” related work, in order to expedite possession cases. This workload involves examining up to two hundred cases a week. The fact is, that so far, our State refuses to provide Free Legal Aid in mortgage distress cases. This is the main reason for our demand, that Edmund Honohan remains in situ.

We are shocked and dismayed at such a questionable action of the High Court. It is an action which only favours banks, Vulture Funds and related vested interests. Edmund Honohan is a man of honour and integrity. He continues to be a stalwart in the provision of legal guidance to many thousands of lay-litigants and distressed families. He has also drafted proposed legislation to help keep people in their homes. The ‘Affordable Housing and Fair Mortgage Bill 2018’ has so far been resisted by Government, mainly with the assistance of their so-called ‘opposition’ party. The Bill is currently at second-stage in the Dáil, and we ask all supporters to apply pressure on TDs, to ensure its progress, without delay. A detailed letter was delivered to the President of the High Court.

Go raibh maith agat, agus Le Meas.

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