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Thank you also to blogger Claire Moore For the amazing illustration which accompanied a brilliant overview of what we need to know about the Fourth Estate and how it underpins democracy.

Journalism and the Fourth Estate for your next research paper. 

The “Republic” of Ireland is seriously undermined by it’s state run and uncompetitive media outlets.

To explore more about our levels of “legal corruption” please visit –

–  Transparency International ‘s reports of 2009 & 2012
particularly on the matter of “Legal Corruption”
The’s “Fact Check” of the claim that Ireland      is the ‘most corrupt nation in the western world’
Seamus Maye and the other TEDx Longford speaker’s experience of Ireland at it’s most corrupt.

Someone once told this page editor that “the Fourth Estate” was esoteric and no one would know what I was talking about.

I disagreed.

I learned from my Irish-American and Italian-American immigrant grandparents – that imigrants with community-based, altruistic and benevolent values were the “sine qua non” – the that without which – our survival depended.

Let’s commit to caring about the least among us.

Let’s commit to acting humanely.

Let’s be there – for one another.

Not the privileged – powers that be.

Because sure didn’t Senator David Norris remind us – that eviction in Ireland is a dirty word!

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