Eviction is still a dirty word in Ireland…

“In June 2018 I proposed a bill in the Senate ‘The National Housing Agency Bill’, prepared in large part by Ed Honohan, Master of the High Court, at the behest of a group of people concerned about the fate of those citizens with distressed mortgages. An updated version of this bill has been introduced more recently in Dail Eireann by Deputy John McGuinness. The purpose of the bill was to allow those with distressed mortgages to remain in their homes and to provide an ethically funded alterntive to the Vulture funds (I prefer to call these institutions Vampires rather than Vulture Funds as they suck the life out of the living tissue of ordinary people). The funds were historically allowed to register as charities paying no tax, as if this were not bad enough the Irish tax payer will be forced to pay for the victims of evictions.

This is like the Nazi’s making their victims pay for their funerals.

In the Senate despite opposition from the Department of Finance we had all party support for the principle of the bill. We must show the Government that eviction is still a dirty word in Ireland.

Both bills remain in suspended animation in the Senate and the Dail and await reactivating at the appropriate moment.”

– Senator David Norris

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