Right2Homes is pleased to present the articles which appeared in The Sunday Business Post on November 25, 2018.

The authors, recognised social, legal, political, academic and sector authorities have expertise in every aspect of the #Housing and #Homeless crises both here in Ireland and abroad.

All have generously contributed articles at our request.

Constraints of space did require that some pieces were edited. The following pages provide copies of the articles as they appeared – and where available, the original material submitted.

Once again we would like to thank all the supporters of Right2Homes and our efforts to see that wherever possible – we can avoid eviction and keep people in their homes.

Page 34 –
Edmund Honahan – Using the law to keep people in their homes
Senator David Norris – Eviction is still a dirty word in Ireland
John McGuinness – Protecting families from predatory vulture funds
Robert Hockett – Raise the tide, don’t sink the boats

Page 35 –

Brian Reilly – Vulture funds have green light to ‘solve’ the mortgage crisis
David Hall – iCare launches new project to test Affordable Housing Bill
Erskine Holmes – All Ireland cooperation is needed to fight housing crisis
Mel Reynolds – The cost of doing nothing
Sandra Daly – One-of-a-kind legal assistance

Page 36 –

Dr. Padraic Kenna – Irish law and the mortgage crisis; Moral hazard or a denial of rights? Clearly the latter.
Anthony Joyce – Best chance for mortgage holders is to be proactive
Julie Sadlier – Legal muscle needed to protect homeowners from vultures
Terry McMahon – The normalisation of obscenity
Seamus Maye – Time to start banking in the public interest 

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